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About us

We are CARS24, a fast-growing team based in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Our journey started in Melbourne back in December 2020. We’re here to transform the way that Australia buys and sells used cars, making it as easy and convenient as any other online purchase.

We own the cars that we sell and ensure that every one has been quality tested and is reliable.

CARS24 was founded in India in 2015 and is now valued at over $3.3 billion dollars, with expansion into the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, and Australia and more countries in the pipeline.

Our Mission

To transform the way Australians buy and sell used cars.

Discover the CARS24 Way

Our Team

Olya Rudenko

Chief Executive Officer

Jason Macintosh

Chief Legal Counsel

Michael Reville

Head of Sourcing

Matthew Geers

Head of Refurbishment

Abhir Bhomavat

Head of Logistics & Ancillary Products

Larissa Cain

Head of People

Our Values

Long Term

We’re committed to a sustainable business that will serve our customers and our people well into the future. We make decisions that consider the long-term impact and benefits, rather than reacting to the situation in front of us. We’re visionary, patient and strategic in how we operate.

Customer Obsessed

Obsession is a thought that continually occupies the mind, and that’s how we feel about customers at CARS24. Acting with integrity to build customer trust, exceeding customer expectations, resolving their problems, and minimising their time and effort to engage with us.


We build trust with each other, our partners and our customers. We’re respectful towards each other and always assume good intent. We operate transparently, we speak honestly, we celebrate successes and we learn from failures as a community. We bring our best selves to work and we aim to bring the best out in each other.

High Performing

We attract people that are great at what they do, with a diverse mix of skill sets and a unifying passion. We set ambitious goals and challenge ourselves to exceed them through creativity, efficiency, and sheer hard work. And through the spirit of continuous innovation, we know we can always do better: innovation is our status-quo.


You’ll never hear ‘that’s not my job’ or ‘that wasn’t my responsibility’ from us at CARS24. We’re proactive in spotting opportunities or solving problems. We’re persistent in overcoming obstacles or finding the right solution. We spend money wisely and efficiently, as if it’s our own. We’re never afraid to put up our hand, and say, ‘I made a mistake!’ and we support each other when we do.

Invest in People

We’re generous with our time, our knowledge, our resources and experience to help our colleagues from around the business learn, grow and succeed. We pride ourselves on being great to deal with as partners, with integrity, respect and efficiency; and we’re prepared to invest by whatever means necessary to deliver a better experience for the customer.

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