Our warranty

Protect yourself against unexpected costs

Complete care with CARS24 Cover

Manufacturer warranty level cover

Unlimited claims up to the value of vehicle at time of claim

Fully refundable as part of our 7 day return policy

We stand by the quality of our cars and all our cars come with a free 3 month warranty. Unfortunately, as cars get old, components are more likely to fail and once the warranties expire on your car, you may be exposed to not only cost to replace faulty parts but also labour costs. Cars24 Cover can help you protect yourself from these unforeseen costs.

Mechanical Tab



6-month warranty

Comprehensive coverage

Mechanical & electrical breakdowns covered, including parts & labour.

National repair network

National repair network

We have access to a network of trusted repairers across Australia.

Roadside assistance

Fully refundable

Fully refundable as part of our 7 day return policy.

Happy driving with complete cover

6-month warranty

Drive with confidence

Comprehensive coverage

  • Mechanical and electrical parts
  • All cost of labour
  • Unlimited claims, up to value of vehicle at time of claim in each claim
  • Regular servicing of your vehicle is required, see Terms & Conditions for more information.

Peace of mind

National network of
repair centres

  • Extensive network of authorised repairers Australia-wide
  • Hassle-free and reliable service
6-month warranty
What we don’t cover

What we don’t cover

  • Normal wear and tear (like brake pads)
  • Any modifications to the manufacturer's specifications
  • Incorrect use of incorrect fuel, fluids or lubricants

For a full list of warranty inclusions and exclusions, see our Product Disclosure Statement.

Extend your protection with CARS24 Platinum Cover™

Same level of cover as our complimentary warranty

Can be added to your loan or paid outright

Starts after your complimentary or manufacturer warranty ends

TERM Pricing from

For most of the European cars the pricing may vary which can be viewed at the time of checkout

Included in all the plans

Mechanical and electrical faults covered

Access to national chain of repair centres

Claims handled by CARS24 staff, not third parties

Frequently asked questions

Got a question? Read our commonly asked questions or read our full FAQs.

  • If I still have manufacturer warranty left on my car, can I still purchase CARS24 Cover?

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  • Can I purchase CARS24 Cover at a later date?

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  • Can I include the cost of CARS24 Cover in my loan amount?

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  • Who provides CARS24 Cover Extended Warranty?

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  • In case of a claim, can I have the car repaired by my own repairer rather than CARS24’s repair network?

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CARS24 Cover™ is a suite of products designed to offer you various protection for your vehicle. Some products may be offered as an insurance policy and some may not be. Please always read the relevant terms and conditions before purchasing.

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The Cars24 3 month warranty is administered by Cars24 Australia (Global Cars Aus Pty Ltd.). Please find the Target Market Determination here

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